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The principal aim of the Barbara Mawer Fellowship is to enable New Investigators (NI) (see criteria below) to spend time in another research group to learn a new technique or otherwise benefit from a specific expertise that is not currently available in their host laboratory/institution. A secondary aim of this scheme is to give NIs the opportunity to personally apply for funding, and gain experience of the grant writing process.

The Fellowship is intended primarily to fund travel and subsistence expenses for the duration of the visit; however, a small amount of lab-based consumables may be included in the application (if applicable). The total amount available per year is up to £3000 – which may be split between multiple applicants at the discretion of the BRS Committee.

Download details of eligibility and application process

Link to Barbara Mawer Travelling Fellowship Application Form here via the BRS Member's area (follow link to BRS Grants & Awards)

Recipients of the 2013 Barbara Mawer Visiting Fellowship

Nicole Scully, University of Cardiff
Simon Schoenbuchner, University of Cambridge

Recipients of the 2012 Barbara Mawer Visiting Fellowship

Hannah Brown, University of Sheffield
Dalea Bukhary, King's College London
Jean Redmond, University of Cambridge

Recipients of the 2011 Barbara Mawer Visiting Fellowship

Neil McKenzie, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
Adam Taylor, University of Liverpool - View output from the Barbara Mawer Travelling Fellowship supported research

Recipients of the 2009 Barbara Mawer Visiting Fellowship

Robin Rumney, University of Sheffield

Robin Rumney

View output from the Barbara Mawer Travelling Fellowship supported research

Philip Newton, University of Edinburgh

Phil Newton



To upload photographs of award winners and published research arising from successful Barbara Mawer Travelling Fellowship please contact the BRS secretary Prof Eugene McCloskey, at